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According to the World Health Organisation, somewhat 2 billion people suffer from malnutrition in one form or another.  We all have a role to play in reaching those most in need.  We supply, pack and assemble the ideal food pack for the needs of the people.  Our food packs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual country’s staple diet.  Our teams stretch far and wide so we are able to reach remote areas to get your food to those most in need.



Hygiene Poverty is a problem we can solve together.  We believe it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or privilege for anyone, yet many are living in poverty and cannot afford to stay clean.  We are able to provide hygiene packs containing essentials for all the family to meet the needs of both adults and children.



Water scarcity affects roughly 40% of the world’s population and, according to predictions by the United Nations and the World Bank, drought could put up to 700 million people at risk of displacement by 2030. As a company we aim to tailor and meet all the individual needs of our clients and their projects whether it be for agricultural, or domestic water supplies. We work with local contractors to drill and construct Hand Pumps, Bore wells and even water desalination plants.



Around 10% of the global population that live in poverty also lack access to adequate winter supplies. Winter in some countries can mean the difference between life and death. We can help you reach those most in need of supplies. Our winter packs include hats, gloves, scarfs, blankets, coats and even heaters.



Construction in the less developed parts of the world can be challenging for many charities. Our expert team of contractors are here to tackle the challenges head on. From small homes to mosques to entire villages, no project is too small or too large. We tailor construction projects to your needs at competitive prices.